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IntelliTest Kitchens

Some time ago, industry veteran Foster Frable* approached us and described the significant headaches and inefficiencies he faced when evaluating equipment. Out of that conversation and our own extensive market research, IntelliTest Kitchens was established. (*Clevenger Frable Lavalle)
IntelliTest Kitchens will provide foodservice operators the opportunity to see, test and compare equipment side by side whenever they want at no cost. 
In independent market research conducted by Technomic Inc., more than 50% of Top 500 chains will use IntelliTest at least twice a year.  When asked how well IntelliTest eliminates their equipment evaluations headaches, two-thirds of institutions surveyed rated IntelliTest a 5 out of 5.

IntelliTest Kitchens will be a neutral third-party facilitator between operator and manufacturer/dealer/rep and won’t be involved in the purchasing process.  We advance operator-driven testing and equally support all brands.

IntelliTest’s robust, highly flexible facility will be centrally located near Chicago O’Hare International Airport


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